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Law Enforcement Awards


In the arena of human life the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action. – Aristotle


John Edgar Hoover Memorial Award - This award is issued to law enforcement officers who have successfully completed additional training to garner new skills in the field of criminal justice. It recognizes officers who continually seek a lifetime of education and advancement. It can also be issued to instructors or institutions who provide beneficial products or services to the law enforcement community.


Law Enforcement Purple Heart The Police Purple Heart is issued to officers who are injured or disabled in the line of duty. Purple Heart recipients are eligible if they were required to seek professional medical attention and were out of work at least one week.


Silver Star for Bravery - The Silver Star is awarded for extraordinary heroism performed in the line of duty. It recognizes an officer whose act of courage goes above and beyond the call of duty.


Merit Award for Excellent Arrest - This award is issued to law enforcement officers who make a notable arrest of a dangerous felon.

General Commendation - This award is issued to law enforcement officers whose actions deserve to be commended for an outstanding act during the performance of their duties.


Distinguished Police Service Award - Recognizes law enforcement officers for honorable service (5 years minimum) and is normally issued at retirement.

Correctional Officers Award - Available for correction officers for 5 or more years of honorable service or for actions deemed noteworthy while performing their duty.


Honor Award for Public Service - May be issued to law enforcement officers, elected officials or citizens whose leadership skills are outstanding in reducing crime or assisting departments in volunteer activities.

Criminal Investigation Award - In recognition of those detectives or investigators who are often not recognized for solving cases, yet are important in the investigation of all types of cases.

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