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Chief of Police Magazine

As the official publication of the National Association of Chiefs of police, The Chief of Police Magazine publishes articles that most concern American command ranking law enforcement officers. This quarterly magazine covers a wide range of topics written largely by seasoned law enforcement professionals currently employed in the field with the goal of enhancing and advancing American law enforcement. Members with something important to say are encouraged to submit articles to share with departments across the nation.



You can join the National Association of Chiefs of Police and receive your quarterly copy of the Chief of Police by downloading the membership application and mailing it to:


6350 Horizon Drive

Titusville, FL 32780

You can also join by calling 321-264-0911. A staff member will be happy to speak with you.

Information for Writers

The Chief of Police Magazine has been a viable voice of American law enforcement for more than 25 years. Part of the reason for that is the people who contribute their knowledge, understanding, and expertise to the magazine.

If you are one of those individuals with an understanding of current law enforcement trends, issues or training techniques we invite you to join the ranks of those select who have contributed to the ongoing success of this publication.

Click the link below for the guidelines.

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